The Insights Discovery tool helps people understand themselves and others better. It empowers teams to work better together with a simple four-color model based on the psychology of Carl Jung. When you complete this program you will understand your style, your personal strengths and the value you bring to the team. You’ll also become aware of where your color energy supports those around you and know better how to approach others based on where they fall on the color wheel.

If you are looking to have a breakthrough in your business, Insights is a great place to start. Self-awareness promotes performance at the highest level.
According to Forbes Magazine 90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware.


of top performers are highly self-aware


It has been our experience at Chrysalis (and the experience of thousands of other companies across the globe engaging in the program) that focusing on people, rather than philosophies and methodologies is what, in fact, creates real results for businesses. Many learning and development programs focus on methodology but don’t help people understand themselves enough to employ the methodology effectively—much less engage others to do so.

By increasing the self-understanding of individuals, teams and leaders, businesses generate long-term results with the Insights program. People engage, produce, work together, and lead when their approach is changed.

The self-awareness that Insights Discovery supports is important for everyone to operate at their very best.

Insights Discovery is a great tool for leaders looking to understand the dynamics of their team. The program fosters a better understanding of yourself and others. It also creates a common language to apply to effective communication virtually eliminating barriers to business success.

This program is for anyone who:

  • Wants to understand how their personal style impacts those around them
  • Seeks effective relationships inside and outside the office
  • Aims to achieve success in collaboration and partnership with others
  • Wants to minimize conflict and communicate effectively


In 2017 Insights Discovery was awarded the coveted Occupational Test Tools Certification Mark, from global quality assurance and psychological test assessors DNV GL. Additionally Insights Discovery has received the PTC Kitemark from the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing centre the PTC (Psychological Testing Centre). This independent assessment ensures the tool complies with the EFPA Test Review guidelines upon which the awarding of such certification is based.