We Transform Performance

Our consulting practice includes four core components; organizational assessment, alignment for the future, expanding people’s capacity to deliver, and metrics for success. Through a combination of strategic leadership sessions, coaching, capacity building programs and practices, we work with client teams to strengthen company culture and build an inspired future. Companies that work with us in all four areas eliminate roadblocks that have been holding them back, experience breakthroughs, and transform their performance.

Growth Strategy

Chrysalis clients are typically companies looking to grow revenue, increase profits or open new markets. Companies that are stalled in efforts or looking to uncover new opportunities benefit from the work we do.

We work with leaders to find new ways to formulate strategies, free from the limitations of past experiences. We’ll compare current performance to your desired results. From this assessment, we’ll work with you to develop a plan vastly different from your current list of solutions. This process reveals actions never before imagined that will create a synergy to propel your company’s future performance.

Are you ready to identify specific areas where a successful initiative, if realized, will have a significant impact on performance? 



Business today is complex. We’re expected to move faster and process more input than ever before. Innovative thinking and bold actions are essential to creating performance breakthroughs, and Chrysalis Partners helps today’s leaders and their teams get out of the box.

Our programs are designed for teams who want to produce something unprecedented for their business. We’ll work with you to create a shift in thinking and behavior enabling you to break barriers that might otherwise block potential.

  • Expand current strengths
  • Examine and eliminate counterproductive behaviors
  • Master the art of effective communication
  • Learn how to create measurable breakthroughs


Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, we equip leaders with new perspectives, approaches, and abilities that elevate their effectiveness and increase their day-to-day performance. We challenge our clients to reach goals that have seemed historically impossible. And as a result of our work together, they often deliver what they’ve been unable to deliver before. Past performance and experience need not limit thinking, possibilities or actions for the future.

  • Alter a particular leadership style
  • Transcend current limitations
  • Be more effective influencing others
  • Make a breakthrough in a specific area.


“We have been able to develop a more cohesive management team, which has resulted in a positive change in our culture. We have seen an improvement in overall patient and employee satisfaction.” Mike Mann, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Mann Eye Institute

“Chrysalis has enabled me to support my employees better by giving me the tools to uncover barriers to their success. We’re now building a new and improved management team using these tools. In fact, we’re on track for our best year ever.” Steward JacobsonPresident, Dearborn and Creggs



“I felt so passionate about my experience that we are bringing Chrysalis to our location to train 12 other leaders in our organization so that we can all be more effective in our work.” Angela McDaniel, Vice President, Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc.


  • Culture Development
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Emerging Leaders
  • C-Level Coaching
  • Individual Performance
  • Team Effectiveness