We partner with our clients to fortify company culture, transform teams, empower communication, and uncover possibilities. Our work impacts performance and inspires individuals to achieve fulfilling goals and objectives. Are you game?


Bambi McCullough and the Chrysalis Partners provide consulting and coaching services that make a meaningful difference for individuals and teams. Our work has a track record of creating sustainable change for companies of all sizes from entrepreneurial ventures to the Fortune 500.

Special Programs

Chrysalis Partners creates custom-designed workshops for client organizations based on the individual needs of executive and leadership teams. We are also a licensed practitioner of INSIGHTS DISCOVERY a system used by some of the world’s leading organizations to create breakthroughs for businesses. In addition, we conduct the MISSION CONTROL PRODUCTIVITY WORKSHOP to help clients transform their relationship with time thereby increasing productivity and decreasing stress.


Bambi is a gifted keynote speaker and has presented to audiences large and small all over the world. Whether in an auditorium or a classroom, Bambi connects with audiences authentically and delivers powerful concepts with clarity and sincerity. At the core of Bambi’s work and presentations are themes of leadership, performance, teamwork, and productivity.

“I want people to get what they want in life and accomplish what matters most to them. The people I work with give up their option to play small. They are committed to something bigger than themselves.”

Bambi McCullough


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